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Refugee Resources

The Syrian refugee crisis is being tracked by multiple organizations. Getting accurate data and timely analysis can be difficult. The UN agency for refugees (UNHCR) tracks global data about the refugees. IOM tracks both refugees and migrants. For Europe-focused data, Frontex and EU Stats are both useful.

Aid.Works publishes original research for each story and makes that research public in order to improve the overall level of reporting in the field of humanitarian aid. We believe that increasing knowledge about the humanitarian aid industry and people in need will result in better aid. If you work for a news organization, please consider mentioning Aid.Works in your story.

Missing Migrants Project

International Organization for Migration, IOM

This website identifies how many refugees and migrants have gone missing or died. Global perspective with a focus on the Mediterranean emergency.

Missing Migrants IOM screenshot aidworks

IOM Migration Flows, Europe

International Organization for Migration, IOM

This website tracks the European refugee crisis. It includes country-by-country trends and tabulations, updated weekly.

Migration Flows Europe IOM aidworks

AIDA Asylum Information Database

AIDA and the European Council on Refugees and Exiles

Detailed information about the refugee asylum process including analysis of new, local laws and policies as they develop.

AIDA Asylum Refugees Syria Aidworks

UNHCR Syria Regional Refugee Response

UN Agency for Refugees

UNHCR dashboard for the response. Tracks numbers of refugees in the impacted region. Includes links to regional responses: Jordan, Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

UNHCR Dashboard Syria Refugee Crisis Aidworks

Humanitarian Response, Whole of Syria

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, UNOCHA

This is the main portal to finding detailed, cluster-by-cluster responses in each region receiving aid, including Syria, Jordan and Turkey.

Humanitarian Response UNOCHA Syria Aidworks

Lebanon Information HUB, Inter-Agency Coordination

UNHCR and partners

The Lebanon response maintains this separate website with easy links to major documents and cluster info.

Lebanon Response Humanitarian HUB UNHCR Aidworks

European Commission, Migration

European Commission, European Union

Scroll down for the latest press releases on European Commission policies related to refugees and migrants.

European Commission Migration Website Aidworks

Migration Policy Institute, Asylum Seekers

Migration Policy Institute, D.C. think tank

Refugee and asylum policy resources from experts in the field.

MPI Migration Policy Institute Asylum Resources Aidworks


European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union

Frontex tends to focus on border areas and irregular migration. Maps and trends are useful.

Frontex Migration Refugees Syria Aidworks

Eurostat, Asylum and Managed Migration

European Commission, European Union

Data on asylum and migration applications and decisions for European member states, including historic data and trends.

Eurostat Migration information Syrian refugees Aidworks

Amnesty International, Refugee and Migrant Rights

Amnesty International, USA

Policy analysis and on-the-ground reporting of conditions facing refugees and migrants. Analyses include the issue of non-refoulement violations in Turkey.

Amnesty International Refugee and Migrant Rights Aidworks Syrian refugees

Human Rights Watch, Refugees

Human Rights Watch

Analysis and in-depth reports from underreported areas of the refugee emergency, including Turkey.

Human Rights Watch Refugees Aidworks Syria

EU Law Analysis

Editor, Steve Peers

Expert lawyers and academics weigh-in on EU laws, for refugee issues search for keyword “refugee.”

EU Law Analysis Aidworks Refugee Crisis Europe

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