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Where in the World is the Money Going? Analyzing the Nepal Earthquake Response

In order to write the story, “Disappointing Findings on International Aid in the Nepal Earthquake Disaster,” I referred to a tremendous amount of data and documents. I believe that the quality and quantity of reporting on humanitarian disasters is damaged by the difficulty people have in accessing crucial information. Keeping that in mind, I have made all of my original research and data analysis available to the public.

Does Aid Work? What I learned after 2 years in Haiti

A few months ago, I stood on a hillside in Petionville, Haiti, overlooking the small, green town below me. Most of the wooden buildings survived the earthquake in 2010, and from the hill, I could hear the church bell in the village square ringing out the hour. It was my first visit back to Haiti in 18 months and the reconstruction appeared to be making progress.